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Maggie Wood



The Secret of a Well-Lived Life: BCF!

The road to the life we want delivers faster, better results - and is much more fun - when we take care of our wellbeing and Joy first of all. 

Why Joy?

Well, when I say Joy, what I actually mean is Balance, Contentment, Fulfilment.
For many, joy and happiness mean the same thing. I don’t think they do, and I believe that trying to attain constant happiness is as unhelpful as attaining constant misery. They’re the two poles of the same spectrum and let’s be real – life isn’t like that! Life will always throw you a curve ball at some point and if we’re setting an unreal goal of always being happy, and we lose that for a while due to, y’know, normal stuff happening, then we’ve set ourselves up for failure – self sabotage at it’s best.
But what if you could attain balance, like a horserider whose body adjusts and moves to compensate for the motion of the horse?
What if you had a rock solid bed of contentment in your life that, no matter what happened remained a constant?
And what if you felt so personally fulfilled that you could do all the ‘chop wood, carry water’ that you need to in order to live well, and still have a full heart?
Well, that’s what I can show you.




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